Pink Ribbon Wellness (L) Foundation


Informational and Educational Services

  • Breast Cancer Support Group
  • Breast health navigators to assist patients during treatments
  • Pre-operative education
  • A comprehensive Breast Cancer Library
  • Preventive and Awareness Programmes
  • Breast Self-Examination Training on techniques that could save lives
  • Nutritional Counselling 
  • Health Promotion Programmes
  • Social Re-Integration and Recreational Activities

Appearance-related Resources

  • Onsite prosthetic breast fittings
  • Mastectomy bras and garments
  • Look Good, Feel Good Workshops

Early Detection Saves Lives!

Get your Regular Mammogram Screening 

  • May detect breast cancer even before it is clinically palpable, starting age 40.

Monthly Breast Self-Examination 

  • Check for changes, starting age 20.